Tuesday, March 10, 2015

For new beginnings…

“Every new day is another chance to change your life.”

You know the moment. It happens right after you see someone do it and wish you could be good at it too. Maybe you did something terrible be it going unprepared for final examinations or breaking someone’s and now you’re terrified your world will come crashing down. That. That sickening moment will haunt you for days and nights. I am sure almost all of you might have come across such moments in life when you wish the world to come to an end.
I had many such moments and I am thankful to God and all my loved ones to have not given up on me and kept pushing me until I stepped out from the negative zone.

One such moment in my life was when I was going through a break up. In a relationship there is infinite love if you find the right person and endless hate and pain if you end up meeting the wrong people. Well everything has its pros and cons. On a good note I was elevated to have ended a horrid relationship but all those insecurities which I had locked up started falling flat on my face. Human mind is treacherous. Atleast minds of women are complex. It brings up all the possibilities like ;What if you never find anyone?’ , ‘what if all the things about MR perfect are false?’ , “what if people criticize you for your poor choice in men’, ‘what if…what if…and what if” !

We Are All a Little Broken

Regardless of what I did, even though if it was for the best of me, I would feel anxiety like a stack of red hot bowling balls surgically implanted in my stomach. (Dramatic? Yes. Regret is rarely reasonable.) I regretted the bad decisions I had made. I wished for time to tick backwards and hoped to be given one last chance to live the past again, so I could do everything right and omit all the mistakes. But time and tide wait for none. What was done was done. There was no turning back. I had these self loathing  “Good God! Oh no! What was I thinking? Why me?” moments.  For me this looked like a crazy dysfunctional relationship with insanity and the feeling that I was spiraling out of control. I was literally stuffing down my truest, most authentic self, and I felt lost and off my path. It was as if I was filled with a pain that I didn’t understand, that I realized came from the void of not living my purpose. So much for a single breakup . You might think of it as hilarious *smh*

At that stage what I needed most was determination and clarity. If it wasn’t for Peer Shaikh Zulfikhaar Ahmed Nakhshbandi I would have never been able to #LookUp at the brighter side of thing in life ever ! In other words , I needed to start anew. And hope came to me in the form of my role model ‘Zulfikhar Ahmed Nakhsbandidi’s books and speeches!’ ( Shaikh Zulfikaar Ahmed is a renowned scientist and spiritual preacher) Thanks to him I understood that until I fully accepted where I was, I couldn’t move forward. I had to get real with myself and shine a light onto all of those things that weren’t serving me. I picked up on meditation and good god it was the thing I had always needed ! I found solace in good company and more books written by Peer shaikh ZAN . I ground myself in the present and made it clear that there was no place for past in my present and I wouldn’t let my past spoil my future ! I created a vision and got honest with myself. I found a way of releasing all those fears out through my body, onto the paper, and into nothingness!

So yes at the end of the day I found my silver lining and decided to start a new life with new beginnings …I trusted my experiences. I realized I did not need to feel ashamed or regretful because of them. Also I learnt a thing that for a person to get out of something evil it is important to get support from coach or a guide , it speeds up the process and helps you to start the new life way faster than you might have guessed on !

I happened to watch the new TVC by Housing and it speaks of true optimism ! Have you watched Housing.com’s new optimism add ? I am loving it ! Must watch !

Friday, March 6, 2015

So tiny yet infinite happiness : Happy baby .

A baby is an epitome of cuteness and when the baby is smiling or laughing nothing can beat the joy you feel when you watch him do the same ! I know this I have a 2 year nephew running around my house. He is just 2 years old and speaks a few words and is the kind of mischievous who would even give Jerry serious competition. No kidding !

Ever since my nephew was born there isn't a single dull moment at my home. there is always something going on. Either we both roll on the floor or play with each other or build blocks or ply peekaboo . I am not denying that there aren't times when I can't take anymore of his mischief but what's life without a lil trouble from a 2 year old ;)

Things that make my lil nephew happy include times when his daddy takes him out for a short ride on his bike, he is the happiest during the times he spends outdoors with his uncles or dad lazing around the streets carrying him or taking him out for a stroll.
Also my nephew makes this cute little happy faces when he spots two or three fat cats lazing on the compound wall of a Gas agency opposite to my home. He points out happily saying 'Billllu'  and the sound is cho cute I say !
My nephew also gets happy when he gets to open a water bottle on his own (While nobody is paying attention) and spill it everywhere or shower himself from the water bottle , but unfortunately this happy thing of him always leads to him falling sick :(
He loves being seated on the driver's porch in a car and move the steering wheel like he is the one driving it :D Its amazing to see that kids get happy by such simple things :)
He even gets happy and joyous when a Bollywood dancing number plays either on the phone or a video on a laptop. (Bilkul apni maasi par gaya hai ;)
Blowing bubbles, drenching himself in water every now and the -.- , watching us play ball and watching our neighbors goat they care of graze around in front of my house. We call him an attention seeker. You take him in your lap he gets happy, you buy him a chocolate and he gets happy. So easy to make a baby happy! :D

A baby is even more sweeter when he is wearing a new diaper :P And its nice to see papers to come up with Pampers baby dry pants, this is definitely going to help my nephew as we get a lot of Huggies into use.

You can know more about new Pampers Baby Dry Pants here . Also watch their new TVC and go get shopping so you can now put your baby in a sleep so beautiful!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Easiest Way To Upgrade Your Car: The Quikr NXT way!

Whether you bought a new car a few weeks before or you’re riding along in a decades-old car of yours , with whom you have a deep connection and are not willing to part ways with, the main concern would be that your vehicle of choice may not have all the modern capabilities you desire. But a few tweaks here and there along with a few key upgrades can fix that, providing you with everything from a killer Bluetooth audio system to a smoother, more enjoyable ride! But there’s always this question hanging in between as to where can one get the upgrades done from? Do you have the budget of getting upgrades that are pricey or do you prefer going the simpler ‘ I'll do it my way!’ route ?

It is understandable everyone wants their car to be faster, look faster, and make them look smarter while driving it. By everyone , I mean everyone including me! Hence If I ever decide to upgrade my car and customize it a bit I would choose to to go the Quikr way blindly! (So much trust.YES!)   You don’t want to be left far behind when it comes to cool cars and with Quikr’s new NXT feature everything just got easier !

You have an idea as to what upgrades you want then the whole things gets so much simpler. Thanks to Quikr I am not stuck up with ‘ knowing what not to do, but not being sure as to where to get started from’ !

I would use quikr search tool and find the following services and products available in my city:
1.First I would upgrade by getting a service of a custom paint job done . All I have to do is login to my Quikr account type and search for the required service , and I am directed towards what I was searching for ! Viola after which I don’t even have to call them , just have a quick chat and the work’s done and the paint job gets scheduled ! Loving the NXT feature so much!
2.Get new Wheels: I would simply search and chat with a good Car wheels manufacturing Company I find on Quikr and get started with the customization that I have always wanted so badly ! Don't you agree it easy peasy ?! Style can't supersede substance. That's what i believe in. I have this belief that "performance," not "bling,"  is more important in a car!
3. Get new car seat covers: Car seat covers can take the upgrading of my car to the next level. Its so easy to get my car upgraded with Quikr. Quikr NXT simplifies things for me!

Quikr nxt

From a weak stereo to a boring paint job, a factory makeover is never enough for me. When my car is out on the road I want it to make an impression! Its all about making my ride reflect who I am.
Have you tried Quikr NXT to upgrade your car? Share with me in the comments!
Until next time,

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happiness even while sleeping.

Its been two years since an angel came in my life in the form of my nephew .
He is very dear and close to my heart. From the day he was born to this day , every moment has been a gem of a moment.
Its like life has a new meaning. In Islam it is stated that 'an aunt has the same status as a of mother’ and that was true in my case too.Which in the real sense means an aunt is as close the baby as its mother.
In the beginning months after his birth my sister came from her in laws to stay with us. First 4 months of his growing period where spent with us and this is how I know quite a few bed time rituals which we followed during this period to put him to sleep.

It was not easy putting the lil one to sleep. Ever watched ‘Hey baby’? It’s a bollywood blockbuster starring Akshay Kumar, fardeen khan and Ritesh. It revolves around them fathering a baby. And the difficulties they face and challenges they face while doing the same. Its very difficult to put a small kid to sleep . He might have different sleeping timings. And to keep up with the toddlers sleeping timing you have to rearrange yours! Bedtime rituals also have been proved to create a bond between children and parents.

Sometimes my nephew would sleep at 2 am or sometimes even 4 in the morning! It would get a whole frustrating when we had to miss our sleep and try every ritual we knew to put him to sleep. But we were always aware of the fact that good sleep is obtained only through creating pleasant, memorable experiences at bedtime. It also said that bedtime rituals  facilitate better sleep.

Good sleep provides a sense of security & love, and these are surely the greatest sedatives of all.
If a child is young like my nephew , sometimes the only ritual would be rocking him or her to sleep with a lullaby. This certainly helps build family bonds. We would tumble the little bundle of happiness into a blanket and sing him to sleep. ^_^

But it used to get hard when the diapers had to chucked out because there would be redness by morning and hence the new pampers which offers drying even inside out is such a relief to all parents out there !

To assure my nephew slept soundly my mom, that would be his grand mom , would bathe him in warm water before sleeping, this would result in even better good night’s sleep for him.It was not late before this bathing turned into a ritual. And lastly we would snuggle close to him while sleeping saying prayers softly. I am happy to say that with these small rituals our nephew never had any trouble sleeping.

Whatever you choose as your bedtime ritual to put your toddler to sleep just make sure you choose something that helps calm your toddler, and not something that riles him up.
Watch the new cute video by Pampers. I am loving it.

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

You are just a chat away from selling online: Quikr

quikr talk
How many of you’ve experienced uneasiness and spam calls when you put up your phone number on a Online marketing place?
Although you might be happy to have so many people responding to your add , soon there will be a time you’re just fed up with uninterested and not so sure buyers calling you over and over! Plus there’s always this chance that they would end up calling you at the wrong moment, be it either a meeting or middle of something important or worst in between your date !
But with speedy development in the tech field ,  Quikr’s new NXT chat online and communicating just got easier !
The feature is brilliant according to me , lemme list a few reasons to prove this !
1) No more ‘Sorry , who’s this?’ Calls !: First of all you do know that sometimes you put up an add and then don’t come back to deactivate your add even after your requirement is sold or you have got means to hold of what you were looking for, and that’s when the phone calls that keep ringing day and night start getting on your nerve's !
Worst is when a longer period has passed off and then people keep calling you and you pick up with a confused expression on your face and then there is this wastage of time explaining to them how the product has already been sold out or how you have already got what you were loomking for .

“Ummm, I got a missed call from this number a few minutes back “
2) Number Privacy : I am sure you are familiar with the thing that women ever give their numbers to anyone ! I have seen numerous men complaining how women never give away their numbers on twitter. Well there is a reason behind that of course ! When it comes to phone calls , there are some annoying jerks out there who seem to enjoy calling unknown numbers and on finding out that it’s a girl’s, keep calling her until she threatens to call the cops or takes the Abusive wali Geet way from ‘Jab We Met’!
Yes, it happens a lot , I am talking from experience. So its obvious Quikr users who belong to the female sex are uncertain and unwilling to give away their phone numbers online. I remember once where I had posted a flat up for rent add on Quikr and after a couple of days one of my twitter followers surprised the hell out of me when he DMed me my number ! I mean twitter is definitely where we want to be anonymous forget someone knowing are numbers! And on further questioning I came to know e got it off quikr ! That’s when I shifted from posting adds from my account to my dad’s. Sigh. Hence the new chat option helps us say discreet and makes things so much easier for us women !

3. Don't be talking to a stranger : Okay not a stranger *Dramebaaz* but hey haven't we always been told to avoid talking to strangers? Plus I have always these parody while  talking to someone I hardly know. Also its difficult to explain the whole price and quotation thing over the phone to someone you don't even have an idea is even interested in buying what you are selling ! Sometimes I go blank, For ex if a buyer requests of a slightly lesser price than the one I have put up on Quikr I can't find the right words and hety isn't it always better to consult with your kith & kin before going ahead with the deal ? That's where the chat option comes into the picture

Thanks to Quikr’s amazing feature ! You can now kiss spammers and unwanted calls goodbye ! Plus when it comes to marketing having a different medium where a person  can talk to another without having to call is plain awesome !

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tell her you love her…

The words, "I love you" may be the toughest three words to say, especially if you are proposing to your dear dear loved one! What if he/she is not impressed by your overture? Or worse, what if he/she (Most probably she)  wants to just "be friends?"
Stop agonizing over the outcome of your proposal. It is better to say, "I love you" and face rejection than regret when you turn 50 *How dramatically bollywoodish of me to say that*. Moreover, you will know once and for all, whether your relationship is headed in the right direction. Its the only chance you've got plus its the best if its on Vday ! Guess why ? Because she might be expecting you to propose and at least won't bhai-zone friend zone you! She is sure to know you are dedicating a love song or baking a cake on a Vday because you definitely have feelings for her!
These are the 5 bold ways I would have wished him to propose in Winking smile

1.Bake a cake for me with the three magical words etched on em : You hardly see men cook for women in India forget baking a cake ! That is what makes this kind of a proposal special !And if cake is not your thing and you think it would turn all bad go for cupcakes ! They are much easier to bake  :P

2. The newspaper way : Its always good to go crazy because hey women like crazy okay ?;-)If she is the newspaper love kind of woman you have to go for this method ! I mean common its so unique :P Imagine the shock, surprise, happiness she would be to find her name and photograpgh with the best selfie smile flash on the front cover of Valentine's day edition of newspapers ! Flipping the pages of the Morning Newspaper and finding an Ad saying " Now Everyone Knows, please say yes <3 " That has got to be so cute ! But that needs a lot of guts ! Are you bold enough to print your love out? ;)

3.Bollywoodish: Anyone who is deep into Bollywood and tele serial trauma would confess of some point in their life wanting their dream man to sit on a snow white horse , ride on it and then come over to her and propose just like she dreamt in her dreams ;-)riding a white horse, coming to me and then proposing me..riding a white horse, coming to me and then proposing me ...haaaye the bollywood way ;')
4.Ring affair:Over A Regular Dinner at our favorite restaurant,showing me a ring, and asking "Was Wondering if this fits you" <3  Or the classic old 'Will you marry me?' *How romantic* ^-^

5. Surprise dedication: Give her a surprise visit with flowers and chocolates (Don't you dare forget these two essentials-.- ) Or call her at a surprising time and tell her to switch on the radio station on which you just called and dedicated a song that will give her the hints or warning bells or best of all Propose publicly on air ! Byheart some hard bound sweet poetry and bakowify on air and tada she'll be yours ! Don't forget to ask her out on a date on air when she says she needs time to think on the whole thing!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Beautiful Home : Dream Home with Porcelanosa!

Everybody has an illusion of their dream home!

Well well I have mine and here I am to share :D

First of all who in their sane mind wouldn’t want a home with beautiful luxurious products ? But hey when the product are from Porcelanosa that are just not luxuriant but speak of BEAUTY in every angle you are left speechless just like me !

Dreamy tubs :

I have always been fantasizing about  modern luxury bath tubs or I sometimes fantasize of Freestanding soaking tubs or showering systems , but with product like these I found on Porcelanosa , I am floored ! YES ! Guys they are so AWESOME ! Sleek, beautiful ..like their  designed for some demi gods ! No kidding there ! You must check it out for yourself !

Luxurious showers and Beautiful Bathrooms:


I like bold patterns in cheerful hues, colorless color schemes and clever space plans in my bathrooms and giving the just right thing are the beautiful designs by Porcelanosa !

Beautiful in every tile !

Dream Kitchen Must Haves!


A kitchen is more than a set of cabinets and doors – it’s the heart of  our homes. Well maybe this is why the reason if I went for a making my dream kitchen I would pick it up from Porcelanosa ! It makes sense to dream big, whether it’s floor to ceiling cabinets or countertops that never end. They provide everything !  And I can see myself enjoying the warmth these kitchens would provide easily ! Classic and elegance sparkling from every tile !

For me Kitchens are where my design dreams can shine and the intricate beauty of Porcelanosa kitchen furniture have left me spellbound !After all, there's a reason why they say this area is the heart of the home.

You have so much to choose from the extra ordinary countertops, fronts or shelves, and designs adapted to storage needs, with pillars, tall cupboards , everything on Porcelanosa in something I am now crushing over *curse me* But I think I WANT everything they have ! SO GORGEOUS YAAR !

Mouth watering wardrobe styles :


First of all I LOVE LOVE LOVE all wardrobe collection from Porcelanosa ! they ARE GORGEOUS ! *Drools*

They just add up to the beauty of the home. The designs and the quality dripping from the photos makes me want to keep staring at their products for hours, so you can imagine the effect these wardrobes will have if you have them installed in your home *Huge grin*

Customized for our tastes these wardrobes and dressing rooms  can be fully integrated into every type of space distribution and setting. They come in natural or stained wood, matt or polished lacquers and laminates, plus there is a possibility of even combining these designs ! Voila ! I am totally up for these beauties !

If you love trend setting designs and product then don’t miss out on the luxurious elegance by 24KLiving here