Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happiness even while sleeping.

Its been two years since an angel came in my life in the form of my nephew .
He is very dear and close to my heart. From the day he was born to this day , every moment has been a gem of a moment.
Its like life has a new meaning. In Islam it is stated that 'an aunt has the same status as a of mother’ and that was true in my case too.Which in the real sense means an aunt is as close the baby as its mother.
In the beginning months after his birth my sister came from her in laws to stay with us. First 4 months of his growing period where spent with us and this is how I know quite a few bed time rituals which we followed during this period to put him to sleep.

It was not easy putting the lil one to sleep. Ever watched ‘Hey baby’? It’s a bollywood blockbuster starring Akshay Kumar, fardeen khan and Ritesh. It revolves around them fathering a baby. And the difficulties they face and challenges they face while doing the same. Its very difficult to put a small kid to sleep . He might have different sleeping timings. And to keep up with the toddlers sleeping timing you have to rearrange yours! Bedtime rituals also have been proved to create a bond between children and parents.

Sometimes my nephew would sleep at 2 am or sometimes even 4 in the morning! It would get a whole frustrating when we had to miss our sleep and try every ritual we knew to put him to sleep. But we were always aware of the fact that good sleep is obtained only through creating pleasant, memorable experiences at bedtime. It also said that bedtime rituals  facilitate better sleep.

Good sleep provides a sense of security & love, and these are surely the greatest sedatives of all.
If a child is young like my nephew , sometimes the only ritual would be rocking him or her to sleep with a lullaby. This certainly helps build family bonds. We would tumble the little bundle of happiness into a blanket and sing him to sleep. ^_^

But it used to get hard when the diapers had to chucked out because there would be redness by morning and hence the new pampers which offers drying even inside out is such a relief to all parents out there !

To assure my nephew slept soundly my mom, that would be his grand mom , would bathe him in warm water before sleeping, this would result in even better good night’s sleep for him.It was not late before this bathing turned into a ritual. And lastly we would snuggle close to him while sleeping saying prayers softly. I am happy to say that with these small rituals our nephew never had any trouble sleeping.

Whatever you choose as your bedtime ritual to put your toddler to sleep just make sure you choose something that helps calm your toddler, and not something that riles him up.
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