Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tell her you love her…

The words, "I love you" may be the toughest three words to say, especially if you are proposing to your dear dear loved one! What if he/she is not impressed by your overture? Or worse, what if he/she (Most probably she)  wants to just "be friends?"
Stop agonizing over the outcome of your proposal. It is better to say, "I love you" and face rejection than regret when you turn 50 *How dramatically bollywoodish of me to say that*. Moreover, you will know once and for all, whether your relationship is headed in the right direction. Its the only chance you've got plus its the best if its on Vday ! Guess why ? Because she might be expecting you to propose and at least won't bhai-zone friend zone you! She is sure to know you are dedicating a love song or baking a cake on a Vday because you definitely have feelings for her!
These are the 5 bold ways I would have wished him to propose in Winking smile

1.Bake a cake for me with the three magical words etched on em : You hardly see men cook for women in India forget baking a cake ! That is what makes this kind of a proposal special !And if cake is not your thing and you think it would turn all bad go for cupcakes ! They are much easier to bake  :P

2. The newspaper way : Its always good to go crazy because hey women like crazy okay ?;-)If she is the newspaper love kind of woman you have to go for this method ! I mean common its so unique :P Imagine the shock, surprise, happiness she would be to find her name and photograpgh with the best selfie smile flash on the front cover of Valentine's day edition of newspapers ! Flipping the pages of the Morning Newspaper and finding an Ad saying " Now Everyone Knows, please say yes <3 " That has got to be so cute ! But that needs a lot of guts ! Are you bold enough to print your love out? ;)

3.Bollywoodish: Anyone who is deep into Bollywood and tele serial trauma would confess of some point in their life wanting their dream man to sit on a snow white horse , ride on it and then come over to her and propose just like she dreamt in her dreams ;-)riding a white horse, coming to me and then proposing me..riding a white horse, coming to me and then proposing me ...haaaye the bollywood way ;')
4.Ring affair:Over A Regular Dinner at our favorite restaurant,showing me a ring, and asking "Was Wondering if this fits you" <3  Or the classic old 'Will you marry me?' *How romantic* ^-^

5. Surprise dedication: Give her a surprise visit with flowers and chocolates (Don't you dare forget these two essentials-.- ) Or call her at a surprising time and tell her to switch on the radio station on which you just called and dedicated a song that will give her the hints or warning bells or best of all Propose publicly on air ! Byheart some hard bound sweet poetry and bakowify on air and tada she'll be yours ! Don't forget to ask her out on a date on air when she says she needs time to think on the whole thing!

This post is a part of Valentine's Day #CupidGames activity on IndiHappy hours !