Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Putting a full stop to water woes! Portable water to the masses!

Water shortage has always been a problem in India.

Almost many states have suffered due to water crisis.
Such one state is Rajhastan . Though India was historically water rich country we face water problems.
The worst affected are the women.

They are burdened enough with their house hold responsibilities and to add more to their burden is the water problem.
I have often watched my mom fret over water not ler by the Kaveri water supplier.
She is so stressed "Building mein pani nahi hai" " Ab kaise kya hoga"Running all over to the third floor to check if there's even a lil bit of water left in the tanks.As a child I hardly understood her pains.
Water is necessary for personal hygiene,  household cleanliness, as well as daily consumption needs.
This is what Miss Cynthiya Koenig puts light on.The women of India being burdened and distressed over water issues.How it affects their success and lives.

Women wasting 25% of their time fetching water to their homes in pots held on their heads which also leads to weakening of shoulder and damage to brain.This traditional method is too dangerous for women.
Why waste 6 hours over fetching water? Women are far more better than fetching water thgroughout their life.To add it teenage girls aged between 13-16 dropping out of school as they have water shortage at home and they are given responsibility of fetching water.

This water crisis leads them not to waste water to wash hands , further leading to affect their personal hygiene causing many chronic diseases.
Carrying heavy loads on heads, waiting in queues for long periods of time...
If there was just a simple way to carry water without wasting so much time, if only there was a way girls couldn't miss their education...
The problem is not small. It is way more bigger than one can imagine.

Then there is this ubercool solution.
The water transportation tool designed by Miss Cynthiya Koenig  is a gift for rural women who want to do more valuable things with their time.
The Waterwheel,(Water transportation tool) a 20-gallon drum that moves four to five times the amount of water possible using traditional methods of collection and carrying.This way the women don't have to run all the way and carry huge loads everyday!
The fact that it is nonprofit organization to help distribute a locally available easy water transportation method.
Using this method would solve most of health and socioeconomic problems of our country .
This would lead to better sanitation.

But it is also important that the most needy should be searched and the tool be handed to them.
Too many fraudsters roam in India.

This tool can benefit nearly millions of Indian women.It has a postivie impact on the lives of young Indian women.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

A drive that changed Me.

It was cloudy day, so much had happened in the last few months.
After grand dad's death 3 months back I din't feel like returning to my native ever.
He meant so much to me and his death had left me shattered.

I was a strong person.
Sitting back and mourning was not me.
His memories , I will always was time to move forward.
I shared a close relationship with him.he was like a dad to me.

everything that made me sad , I had to sell that off and when I got a call from his place stating he had left his dear farms and land to me. I just wanted to sell them and get over with it.
I clearly had no attachment to the farms and agriculture unlike dada.He was too fond of them.

I was called in person to sign the papers and sell the lands. I packed my bags.
The next day I took of to the town with my bestie .I was fond of cars and granddad had gifted this one .
Among many cousins he loved me the most and I loved him.
He loved travelling, farming, and he loved cars.

On my way to the town I came across farms and fields. Cows grazed. Goats and sheep lazily chewed grass.
Farmers laughed and smoked .
My other companion my bestie insisted she drove for a while. I was more than happy to hand her the wheel.
The serene beauty of the plain farms suddenly made me think of dada.
After a few hours we stopped to eat a motel.

We roamed the was just like how bollywood portrayed songs.
Women were more than happily planting saplings
There were swings on trees.
We ate sugar cane secretly.I was falling in love.With the farms.
Kids were throwing stones to get mangoes down.I joined them.
There was lake a little far. Me and Dhannu(bestie) threw few pebbles and shouted names in the calm waters which echoed all over the farms.
It had turned into a beautiful journey.
For a moment I wanted to be the girl I was not since many years,.
That is when I realised what I was missing.

The moment we reached the town I simply threw away the farm sale papers.
I have 2 acres of land now.
Which have mango trees in them.
This journey was my most memorable one.
From nothing to content and happiness.

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