Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Beautiful Home : Dream Home with Porcelanosa!

Everybody has an illusion of their dream home!

Well well I have mine and here I am to share :D

First of all who in their sane mind wouldn’t want a home with beautiful luxurious products ? But hey when the product are from Porcelanosa that are just not luxuriant but speak of BEAUTY in every angle you are left speechless just like me !

Dreamy tubs :

I have always been fantasizing about  modern luxury bath tubs or I sometimes fantasize of Freestanding soaking tubs or showering systems , but with product like these I found on Porcelanosa , I am floored ! YES ! Guys they are so AWESOME ! Sleek, beautiful ..like their  designed for some demi gods ! No kidding there ! You must check it out for yourself !

Luxurious showers and Beautiful Bathrooms:


I like bold patterns in cheerful hues, colorless color schemes and clever space plans in my bathrooms and giving the just right thing are the beautiful designs by Porcelanosa !

Beautiful in every tile !

Dream Kitchen Must Haves!


A kitchen is more than a set of cabinets and doors – it’s the heart of  our homes. Well maybe this is why the reason if I went for a making my dream kitchen I would pick it up from Porcelanosa ! It makes sense to dream big, whether it’s floor to ceiling cabinets or countertops that never end. They provide everything !  And I can see myself enjoying the warmth these kitchens would provide easily ! Classic and elegance sparkling from every tile !

For me Kitchens are where my design dreams can shine and the intricate beauty of Porcelanosa kitchen furniture have left me spellbound !After all, there's a reason why they say this area is the heart of the home.

You have so much to choose from the extra ordinary countertops, fronts or shelves, and designs adapted to storage needs, with pillars, tall cupboards , everything on Porcelanosa in something I am now crushing over *curse me* But I think I WANT everything they have ! SO GORGEOUS YAAR !

Mouth watering wardrobe styles :


First of all I LOVE LOVE LOVE all wardrobe collection from Porcelanosa ! they ARE GORGEOUS ! *Drools*

They just add up to the beauty of the home. The designs and the quality dripping from the photos makes me want to keep staring at their products for hours, so you can imagine the effect these wardrobes will have if you have them installed in your home *Huge grin*

Customized for our tastes these wardrobes and dressing rooms  can be fully integrated into every type of space distribution and setting. They come in natural or stained wood, matt or polished lacquers and laminates, plus there is a possibility of even combining these designs ! Voila ! I am totally up for these beauties !

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