Sunday, February 1, 2015

You are just a chat away from selling online: Quikr

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How many of you’ve experienced uneasiness and spam calls when you put up your phone number on a Online marketing place?
Although you might be happy to have so many people responding to your add , soon there will be a time you’re just fed up with uninterested and not so sure buyers calling you over and over! Plus there’s always this chance that they would end up calling you at the wrong moment, be it either a meeting or middle of something important or worst in between your date !
But with speedy development in the tech field ,  Quikr’s new NXT chat online and communicating just got easier !
The feature is brilliant according to me , lemme list a few reasons to prove this !
1) No more ‘Sorry , who’s this?’ Calls !: First of all you do know that sometimes you put up an add and then don’t come back to deactivate your add even after your requirement is sold or you have got means to hold of what you were looking for, and that’s when the phone calls that keep ringing day and night start getting on your nerve's !
Worst is when a longer period has passed off and then people keep calling you and you pick up with a confused expression on your face and then there is this wastage of time explaining to them how the product has already been sold out or how you have already got what you were loomking for .

“Ummm, I got a missed call from this number a few minutes back “
2) Number Privacy : I am sure you are familiar with the thing that women ever give their numbers to anyone ! I have seen numerous men complaining how women never give away their numbers on twitter. Well there is a reason behind that of course ! When it comes to phone calls , there are some annoying jerks out there who seem to enjoy calling unknown numbers and on finding out that it’s a girl’s, keep calling her until she threatens to call the cops or takes the Abusive wali Geet way from ‘Jab We Met’!
Yes, it happens a lot , I am talking from experience. So its obvious Quikr users who belong to the female sex are uncertain and unwilling to give away their phone numbers online. I remember once where I had posted a flat up for rent add on Quikr and after a couple of days one of my twitter followers surprised the hell out of me when he DMed me my number ! I mean twitter is definitely where we want to be anonymous forget someone knowing are numbers! And on further questioning I came to know e got it off quikr ! That’s when I shifted from posting adds from my account to my dad’s. Sigh. Hence the new chat option helps us say discreet and makes things so much easier for us women !

3. Don't be talking to a stranger : Okay not a stranger *Dramebaaz* but hey haven't we always been told to avoid talking to strangers? Plus I have always these parody while  talking to someone I hardly know. Also its difficult to explain the whole price and quotation thing over the phone to someone you don't even have an idea is even interested in buying what you are selling ! Sometimes I go blank, For ex if a buyer requests of a slightly lesser price than the one I have put up on Quikr I can't find the right words and hety isn't it always better to consult with your kith & kin before going ahead with the deal ? That's where the chat option comes into the picture

Thanks to Quikr’s amazing feature ! You can now kiss spammers and unwanted calls goodbye ! Plus when it comes to marketing having a different medium where a person  can talk to another without having to call is plain awesome !

This post is an  entry to  Indiblogger happy hour sponsored by Quikr

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