Friday, March 6, 2015

So tiny yet infinite happiness : Happy baby .

A baby is an epitome of cuteness and when the baby is smiling or laughing nothing can beat the joy you feel when you watch him do the same ! I know this I have a 2 year nephew running around my house. He is just 2 years old and speaks a few words and is the kind of mischievous who would even give Jerry serious competition. No kidding !

Ever since my nephew was born there isn't a single dull moment at my home. there is always something going on. Either we both roll on the floor or play with each other or build blocks or ply peekaboo . I am not denying that there aren't times when I can't take anymore of his mischief but what's life without a lil trouble from a 2 year old ;)

Things that make my lil nephew happy include times when his daddy takes him out for a short ride on his bike, he is the happiest during the times he spends outdoors with his uncles or dad lazing around the streets carrying him or taking him out for a stroll.
Also my nephew makes this cute little happy faces when he spots two or three fat cats lazing on the compound wall of a Gas agency opposite to my home. He points out happily saying 'Billllu'  and the sound is cho cute I say !
My nephew also gets happy when he gets to open a water bottle on his own (While nobody is paying attention) and spill it everywhere or shower himself from the water bottle , but unfortunately this happy thing of him always leads to him falling sick :(
He loves being seated on the driver's porch in a car and move the steering wheel like he is the one driving it :D Its amazing to see that kids get happy by such simple things :)
He even gets happy and joyous when a Bollywood dancing number plays either on the phone or a video on a laptop. (Bilkul apni maasi par gaya hai ;)
Blowing bubbles, drenching himself in water every now and the -.- , watching us play ball and watching our neighbors goat they care of graze around in front of my house. We call him an attention seeker. You take him in your lap he gets happy, you buy him a chocolate and he gets happy. So easy to make a baby happy! :D

A baby is even more sweeter when he is wearing a new diaper :P And its nice to see papers to come up with Pampers baby dry pants, this is definitely going to help my nephew as we get a lot of Huggies into use.

You can know more about new Pampers Baby Dry Pants here . Also watch their new TVC and go get shopping so you can now put your baby in a sleep so beautiful!

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