Wednesday, December 15, 2010

sony ericsson giveaway

For The Love Of Fashion And Other Things is giving away to one lucky person an amazing and the very gorgeous Sony Xperia X8
check out the giveaway which is valid for indian bloggers only.
see if you can get lucky this christmas :)

It is a siomple contest and all you have to do is tell them in about a sentence why you would want to own this phone.

what are you waiting for head straight to this post as it is ending on 17 th dec 12 pm

For The Love Of Fashion And Other Things: The Big-Fat Sony Ericsson Giveaway

Friday, December 10, 2010

N8 : a fantasy

The N8 makes me wonder

Is this what you call taste the thunder

Facebooking, twittering ,

oh so much fun networking.

Click click clicking,

12 MP cam is pretty amazing.

Hd video recording

And now I can actually start filming

Built in graphic processing,

Intuitive and swift gaming.

Foursquare for exploring

Tabbed opera for browsing

Fring for video calling

Ovi maps for guiding

Fake calls for escaping

Speereo for translating

N8 you really makes me wonder

Is this what you call taste the thunder

It would be damn cool to have one for xmas

Nokialicious Holidays with N8

I don’t celebrate Christmas but I do want the N8. Reason?

I’ll be having a 10 day holidays at my college, now now 10 days to laze around and a N8 in my would be great combo don’t you think .

So here’s what I plan to do with my N8.

-Click click click : what fascinates me and most others regarding the N8 is its 12 MP camera . I will click loads of pics, and share them via ovi share.

-Show off: I’ll be meeting my old school friends and a N8 to increase my oomph and add to my style quotient would be just perfect.

-4 in 1 gadget: My cousin’s marriage is scheduled for 26th and My family will be going to her place and mom will kill me If I take the laptop with me :( . But if I have have N8 I can happily leave other gadgets too (ie the ipod and camera) coz n8 is 4 in 1 (+ phone )

-ovimaps : Id discover some new restaurants at my cousins place

-shoot HD videos : videos of various marriage rituals, over HD would be fun and I would love video calling my frnds on new years eve

*loads more to do but ovi asks me to limit it to 200 odd words :( *