Saturday, February 28, 2015

Easiest Way To Upgrade Your Car: The Quikr NXT way!

Whether you bought a new car a few weeks before or you’re riding along in a decades-old car of yours , with whom you have a deep connection and are not willing to part ways with, the main concern would be that your vehicle of choice may not have all the modern capabilities you desire. But a few tweaks here and there along with a few key upgrades can fix that, providing you with everything from a killer Bluetooth audio system to a smoother, more enjoyable ride! But there’s always this question hanging in between as to where can one get the upgrades done from? Do you have the budget of getting upgrades that are pricey or do you prefer going the simpler ‘ I'll do it my way!’ route ?

It is understandable everyone wants their car to be faster, look faster, and make them look smarter while driving it. By everyone , I mean everyone including me! Hence If I ever decide to upgrade my car and customize it a bit I would choose to to go the Quikr way blindly! (So much trust.YES!)   You don’t want to be left far behind when it comes to cool cars and with Quikr’s new NXT feature everything just got easier !

You have an idea as to what upgrades you want then the whole things gets so much simpler. Thanks to Quikr I am not stuck up with ‘ knowing what not to do, but not being sure as to where to get started from’ !

I would use quikr search tool and find the following services and products available in my city:
1.First I would upgrade by getting a service of a custom paint job done . All I have to do is login to my Quikr account type and search for the required service , and I am directed towards what I was searching for ! Viola after which I don’t even have to call them , just have a quick chat and the work’s done and the paint job gets scheduled ! Loving the NXT feature so much!
2.Get new Wheels: I would simply search and chat with a good Car wheels manufacturing Company I find on Quikr and get started with the customization that I have always wanted so badly ! Don't you agree it easy peasy ?! Style can't supersede substance. That's what i believe in. I have this belief that "performance," not "bling,"  is more important in a car!
3. Get new car seat covers: Car seat covers can take the upgrading of my car to the next level. Its so easy to get my car upgraded with Quikr. Quikr NXT simplifies things for me!

Quikr nxt

From a weak stereo to a boring paint job, a factory makeover is never enough for me. When my car is out on the road I want it to make an impression! Its all about making my ride reflect who I am.
Have you tried Quikr NXT to upgrade your car? Share with me in the comments!
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