Sunday, October 19, 2014

Raising healthy happy kids. Healthy child = Happy home.


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The greatest gifts a parent can give to their children when it comes to health are the roots of good habits and instill the benefits of healthy eating in them.

Parents instill healthy habits in their children from time to time until they are young.

My parents where always strict when it came to health. My mom would do her very best to cook whatever we wanted at home using the best of healthy resources. My dad used to take us out for a walk during weekdays.Me and my sisters had a very healthy upbringing. Hence it has been our top most priority to instill the same good habits and healthy lifestyle instincts in our kids too.

Its been a year and half since  my elder sister gave birth to a cute lil angel who I am so VERY fond of. He has been the cradle of happiness since his birth and every single time he falls sick the whole house falls flat. Its like the laughter is quite dead , there would be no shouting and happy wali screaming. At times it would look like the home would mourn for the joy it just lost with a lil kids falling ill and not running around.

My sister has already planned of all the healthy foods, nutritious meals and snacks she is going to include in my one and a half year old nephew. Ever since the little bundle of joy fell sick my parents ie the kids grandparents , his mom (my sis) and his dad started planning better hygiene surroundings and  incorporate even better healthy food habits into his daily routine to help him develop habits that would last a lifetime. I am sure with all this planning and extra care my lil nephew will grow up to be an incredibly loving , healthy and happy child.

It is so very true that when a child is injured or sick the whole of the family goes dead sick with worry and I wish no child in the whole world to have an unhealthy lifestyle. Kids are the big and small joys of a home. They make a home a complete home and a happy home.

I myself have felt deep sadness and sorrow when he suffered from pneumonia attack when he was 9 months old. It is very important that a child is healthy or the whole of the house goes ill with the child too.

Children need to be treasured by their families and they must feel they are special and irreplaceable. Families provide children with a sense of belonging and a unique identity. When a child falls sick the whole family suffers. Kids no matter how small or big , are a source of emotional support and comfort, warmth and happiness and laughter and joy.

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  1. I agree with your points.
    A sick child spells doom for the family's mental health. Everyone feels so depressed...
    May no child be sick.
    Best wishes :)
    Happy Diwali!

  2. Good points included. well written.

  3. All the points are just perfect. I completely agree with those. Thank u for the share...