Monday, July 7, 2014

My beloved brother,Borosil and Barfi’s !

“Mummy mujhe pumpkin chahiye hi chahiye ,pumpkin kheer uski favorite hai , aap toh jaanti hai na!” I nearly shouted in frustration
It was one of my favorite day ! Rakshbandhan ! The day that stood for celebrating the chaste and subtle bond of love and affection between a brother and his sister.
On this day, I would get up early, take bath and pray for the goodwill, health and prosperity of my beloved brothers.
I would force my mom to run to the market and buy all ingredients to prepare delicious cuisine specially for my brother. the cuisine included sweets and delicacies my brother was fond off and I made sure it satisfied their taste buds.
Everytime I would put heart and soul in preparing the dishes with a little help from my mom and put a little extra effort to design the food beautifully in serve ware.
But this time something had changed, last year during Rakshabandhan my beloved brother had gifted me Borosil appliances, gifted me what my heart had always craved for!
At first I had teased him saying” you bought these so I could serve you dishes in this, this is a gift for yourself, I need more”
I could only smile at the thought. One year had passed by and the bond between us had grown even more stronger, this year he had stood up for me when no one had , afterall brothers are god’s most beautiful gift to a girl!
After I had thrown in a fit for the pumpkin to be bought over, my mom had sped off to the market to be back with three large pumpkins !
Finally I looked happily at the sight of various dishes I had cooked, On beautiful see through round dishes from Borosil sat plump round perry cherry laddoos, hot piping pumpkin kheer garnished with lots of nuts lay in fascinating gourmet sets from Borosil.Scrumptious recipes prepared by me on this occasion always put a grin on my foodie brothers face, and I couldn’t wait to present all my hardwork on the table so that my brother could relish  these delicious items.
His most favorite dishes were Khoya burfis and Pumkin kheer and choco fruit curd. Tender coconuts grated into thickened milk and chamchami on the rhemoid shaped burfis looked oh so delicious, flavoursome kheer with almonds and pistachios swimming in the sea of pumpkin juices could water any sane saints mouth, choco fruit curd in a oval casserole looked as fascinating as the perry cherry laddoos which sat next to it. Overall the table was filled with beautiful food served in beautifully gifted Boorosil glassware which I had inherited from my beloved brother! Finally loooking at my scrumptious handiwork my mom shook her hea and I could see a smile lifting in the corners of her mouth. She mumbled something but I only registered the words “Mujhe kabhi aise paka kar nahi khilaye, lekin apne bhayi ke do jahan kurbaan…” .
I was very excited after setting up the table, it was for a special someone, and when he finally dropped in at home after half an hour, there was boyish grin on his face which spoke of accolades on its own. After I had finished tying a spectacular rakhee on his arm , I demanded my gift to be given right then and there.
His mischievous grin felt warm and inviting , like home. But the icing of the cake was when we he actually stood open mouthed looking at the arrangement on the table. clean and neat, lilies in a vase, matar pulao served in rectangular Borosil dishes along with chicken malai kofta in bowl sets all gifted from him !
One second he stood there gaping at the food, next second I was being strangled in his embrace ! He had actually hugged the life out of me.
And when he finally released I swear I had seen those beautiful dark brown eyes moisten a little, but men are too fast to hide their emotions. My first thought was God! Its just food, but when I gave it another thought, I knew I wasn’t correct , it was just not food , it was love, hope and sweetness rolled into the beautiful food.And  It was so much more.
Within no time it was time to say goodbye, I wish my brother could stay a little longer, but he had board a train. But this time he wasn’t leaving alone, he had memories full of sweet Burfi’s , the beautiful food his sister had cooked, the beautiful appliances that had beamed happily at him, he had so much more to take along with him.
It was the happiest ending for a rakshabandhan.
This post is written for contest ‘My beautiful food’ conducted by Borosil on Indiblogger


  1. A nice story of brother and sister and barfi... sweet .. :-)

  2. Cute ;) ... All the best for the contest dear!! :)