Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Day I Went Straight...

It was my sis's wedding....and while my sis was fussing over which hairstyle she should choose for her embellished lehenga-choli attire,I was having my own worries. I was going to wear a beautiful Kashish designer Anarkali which would surely give me the look of the 'pretty dulhan ki behan'. I was totally looking forward to straightening my hair. I wanted to accessorize my hair with a chic mang mehendi and leave the strands loose_something like the pic below:

I had longed to do my hair in this way for a long time and what's more of a bahana then your own sis's wedding???!!! So you can't imagine how happy I was when mum gave me her permission and said I could temporarily straighten my hair before the wedding!:):):):)

So the day before the wedding I was all set to set my hair straight and went to the nearest salon available. Even before I could enter,I got a call from mum_there was a problem_she wanted me to come home immediately_oops!!!  It turned out that guests from abroad had already reached the hotel where the wedding was going to be held and we had to go there immediately. It was a total mess up!  I had not got my hair straightened yet and I was afraid that my dream hairdo would just remain a dream :(.................

It was amidst all the tension and excitement of the wedding that I got this crazy idea!! It was 2:00pm on the night before the wedding and my cousins were playing antakshari in my hotel room. Everyone was enjoying and having fun while I was sitting in a corner and giving envious looks to all my cousins' straight hair and pulling a long face:-(

The phone rung and as none of my cousins bothered to pick it up,I picked it up.It was dad and he wanted us to stop partying and go to bed. When I kept the receiver back, I saw it_ around five big fat phone directories were lying on the highly polished floor of the hotel room_BINGO!!

I knew it was weird and crazy but as long as it gave me straight hair, I was ready to give it a try....So when all went quite and even the future bride next to me was fast asleep, I carried those bulky directories to my bed side,two at a time(they were too heavy!). Then I combed my hair nicely and  spread them on my right hand side like a sheet and placed those bulky directories on my wavy hair.

Then praying hard I closed my eyes and slept.I was woken up by my hysteric sis in the morning who had unfortunately woken up early and witnessed the weird sight of the books on my hair! She wore the 'girl what's got in to you'  type of look on her face. She demanded for an explanation and I sang my sad story to her(after all your sisters are your best friends!)...First she couldn't control her laughter but then her face turned serious and she gave me the best of her smiles(the one she gives me when she admires me_my favorite smile:)) She hugged me tight and asked me to look at myself in the mirror.........I turned and.............GOSH.........IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!............... SLEEK STRAIGHT HAIR!!..... IT HAD WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.............. I was beyond myself...finally my wish had come true_thanks to those directories!!!

So after my crazy hair experiment I looked something like the pick below on the wedding day:.....FULTOSS GORGEOUS WITH STRAIGHT HAIR:

And now I sing:
I got straight hair yay yay yay!
I din't use a straightener nor any hair spray,
all those nasty knots are at bay
I got straight hair yay yay yay!
It wasn't tough, it was child's play,
 all those curls have gone away
I got straight hair yay yay yay!
they are glam,they are gorgeous,
 luscious and straight all the way,
I got straight hair yay yay yay!

Some Gorgeous hairstyles U can sport with your straight hair:

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