Friday, May 25, 2012

Life in the Heat~ Summer Love!

Every summer has a story
& here goes mine...

Summer is one season I always have waited for since childhood! It was during this time I had school holidays.It was during this time I forgot all my worries,wore flip flops,water fights,partying & drinking lemonade in the shades,hopped to the beach, made sand castles. It was during this time I have had the sweetest and sunniest memories I will always cherish!

And even now  my love for this period of time has grown more with every passing year.

But now that I have grown up , I worry about my tan skin & crazy days more than enjoying and having fun during d summer..All thanks to the harsh rays!

Sometimes Staying indoors just for the fear of  getting tanned seemed ridiculous but You know women...very conscious about d things they love!

When I was 18 ,I started using all kinds of creams, sun screen lotions, fruity face washes, in vain...The sun always would win!

During d early days of this summer I met a remarkably chirpy and lovely girl at a party organised by one of my friend.
She was this girl you would envy of, dancing without fear,flaunting her curves , not fearing anything....anything meant even the harsh sun rays!

I was amazed by this.I kept stealing glances at her, Finally at lunch I put a smile on my face and introduced myself to her..Her name was Kyra.

She spoke in a way too friendly manner ,within minutes I am sure people around us knew we shared a good camaraderie.I was surprised at my own behavior, few hours before I hardly knew her and now we were here speaking endlessly about nothing and everything.

We made plans to meet again at my home.I was very happy to find someone like Kyra to spend my boring summer with!
And when we met d next time it was another story.I had prepared Mango lassi, cornflakes chatni,Amras ki khadi,fresh fruit salad and apple shake.Kyra was all praises for the delicious dishes I had prepared;) Then we did some online shopping at snapdeal!Had the best girly time together!
Later on Kyra talked me into a picnic at the beach & when she saw my discomfort to go outdoors in the scorching heat, she shared with me the secret of her lively skin in spite of the heat and  forced me to apply Lakme sunscreen........& d only thing I remembered during d picnic was the talking & laughing and rolling on the grass!Not even a single thought about d sun doing me harm!And since then I have considered Lakme sunscreen sun expert my best summer friend:)

And this was d time I had no tans, no rashes! I was so happy...And Lakme became my summer savior!Further I was so happy with this super cool product I liked their facebook page and then Here I am writing a blog about my experience.

Thanks to Kyra.It was due to her that after almost a period of 5 years ,I now do not fear of playing,enjoying  in the sun!Its like I can relive my childhood:)

Most of all thanks to the best sunscreen brand ever~Lakme..You made me love the summers1!Love you and your products!

PS:I love Lakme fruitilicious facewash too!

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  1. Very Nice..I remember the sand castles that I used to build on summer holidays...those were the days huh (sigh)!

    All the best for the contest !