Friday, December 10, 2010

Nokialicious Holidays with N8

I don’t celebrate Christmas but I do want the N8. Reason?

I’ll be having a 10 day holidays at my college, now now 10 days to laze around and a N8 in my would be great combo don’t you think .

So here’s what I plan to do with my N8.

-Click click click : what fascinates me and most others regarding the N8 is its 12 MP camera . I will click loads of pics, and share them via ovi share.

-Show off: I’ll be meeting my old school friends and a N8 to increase my oomph and add to my style quotient would be just perfect.

-4 in 1 gadget: My cousin’s marriage is scheduled for 26th and My family will be going to her place and mom will kill me If I take the laptop with me :( . But if I have have N8 I can happily leave other gadgets too (ie the ipod and camera) coz n8 is 4 in 1 (+ phone )

-ovimaps : Id discover some new restaurants at my cousins place

-shoot HD videos : videos of various marriage rituals, over HD would be fun and I would love video calling my frnds on new years eve

*loads more to do but ovi asks me to limit it to 200 odd words :( *

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